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Muddled Mint White Chocolate Mocha

Preparation Time10 mins Difficulty LevelMedium

Treat your taste buds with this warm and white chocolaty drink. This muddled minty mocha is a rich and luscious way to satiate your sweet tooth and revel in a delightfully minty finish.


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- 1 serving servings +


  • 2
    white chocolate mocha sauce
  • Fresh mint (for garnish)
  • Whipped cream
  • Ice


  • Muddler


Muddled Mint White Chocolate Mocha

  • 01

    Brew Starbucks® Mocha Flavored Ground Coffee (or K-Cup® pods) double-strength.

    • For double-strength coffee, double the amount of coffee grounds per serving. That is, if making 1 6-oz cup of coffee, use 4 scoops of ground coffee instead of 2.
  • 02

    Add white chocolate mocha sauce to your cup.

  • 03

    Add hot coffee to cup, pouring directly over white chocolate sauce.

  • 04

    Stir vigorously to dissolve. In a separate glass, muddle fresh mint and ice.

  • 05

    Pour coffee mixture on top of the fresh mint and ice. Top with whipped cream and a sprig of fresh mint.

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Muddled Mint White Chocolate Mocha
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