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Gather with Starbucks Coffee


Gather with Coffee from Starbucks

5 min

Coffee with an old friend, an espresso after dinner with family, an iced latte run before an all-hands meeting. Coffee is the perfect companion for a get-together, but it can also be the reason to gather.

Find a New Favorite at Your Coffee Party

The world of coffee is vast, with new techniques and taste combinations growing more interesting by the day. Hosting a coffee party offers a delicious opportunity to expand your tastes beyond your go-to favorites. Try out a few staples you haven’t yet ordered from the café—like a classic cappuccino or flat white—or experiment with frothers, homemade syrups and flavored coffees. ​

Classic Cappuccino
Classic Cappuccino
It's a classic for a reason. Bring out your inner barista with a café staple where dark, rich espresso sits beneath a frothy layer of foam for a simple yet delicious drink.
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Classic Cappuccino
Chart Your Coffee Flight

Most of us have seen a beer, wine or whiskey flight on a restaurant’s menu, but have you heard of a coffee flight?


Take a tour through the three primary coffee regions or journey through various roast levels. A coffee flight is an easy way to experience a slice of what the world of coffee has to offer. 


Here are our suggestions for designing your own:


  • Brew One Coffee from Each Starbucks Roast. For any newer coffee lovers in the mix, we recommend beginning with a Starbucks® Blonde, medium and dark roast, like our crowd favorites: Veranda Blend®Pike Place® Roast and Caffè Verona®.​

  • Display Your Coffee Options. Serve 2–3 ounces of brewed coffee for each guest—just enough to taste and fully enjoy each. Put out milk and sugar but hold off on adding them to the cup for the time being.​

  • Smell, Sip, Discuss. We suggest you move from the lightest roast to the darkest. To fully experience the unique notes of each coffee, try them without milk or sugar, then discuss what you enjoy about each roast. If you and your guests want to become tasting experts, take your coffee party to an advanced level with these step-by-step tips.​

  • Adjust to Your Taste. Once you and your guests have shared your initial thoughts, make your cup the way you normally do. Wonderfully creamy, sweet but not too sweet, spiked with something extra. Enjoy those last sips however you all please. ​

Start With 3 Roasts


Start with Three Roasts
Discover Creamer Pairings

For even more flavor exploration, try mixing and matching your favorite coffee with our café-inspired Starbucks® Creamers. Hazelnut, caramel, white chocolate, cinnamon dolce and our limited-time flavors—there are so many exciting pairing possibilities with Starbucks. And with non-dairy and zero added sugar per serving options, it’s deliciously easy to discover your perfect coffee and creamer pairing.

Discover Creamer Pairings


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Cup of coffee and bowl of yogurt with fruit


Starbucks® Café-Inspired Coffee and Creamer Pairings​ <p>Coffee and cream are the ultimate delicious duo. With so many café-inspired flavors to choose from, here’s a starting guide for some of the most-loved Starbucks<sup>®</sup> coffee and creamer pairings to create at home.</p> 5 mins
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