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Veranda Decaf

All Day Pairings for Starbucks® Decaf Veranda Blend® Coffee​

Flavorful, delicious and light: Starbucks® Veranda Blend® Coffee is known for its surprisingly smooth taste, along with notes of toasted malt and milk chocolate. And with new Starbucks® Decaf Veranda Blend® Coffee,you can now have that inviting cup all day long–whether that’s on the veranda in the afternoon or savored with dessert in the evening. ​


Available in Starbucks® ground coffee and K-Cup® pods, our lightest roast is a great decaf coffee to enjoy perfectly on its own or customized to your liking with the addition of milk or a splash of a Starbucks® creamer. But what about paired with food? Below, you can explore a variety of ways to enjoy this decaf coffee and how to create a coffee routine that’s made to be yours, regardless of the time of day. 


Your Perfect Decaf Veranda Blend® Pairing
  • Morning – Coffee and breakfast foods are already a perfect match, so that means pairing is easy. If you're looking for a hearty way to start the day, Starbucks® Decaf Veranda Blend® Coffee should taste wonderfully alongside a bowl of oatmeal with some bananas, a sprinkle of cinnamon and honey. If you're in the mood for something a little sweeter, try making some store-bought crêpes and top them with chocolate hazelnut spread and a banana. ​
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack – If you're looking for a bite in the middle of the day, brew a cup of Starbucks® Decaf Veranda Blend® Coffee and enjoy it with a charcuterie spread of almonds and a mild, soft cheese like Manchego. Alternatively, if you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, a good piece of dark chocolate or a handful of yogurt-covered pretzels should balance nicely against the taste of Starbucks® Decaf Veranda Blend® Coffee.​
  • Dessert – For the best meal of the day, dessert, try enjoying a fresh pot of Starbucks® Decaf Veranda Blend® with a berry-flavored fruit pastry. For something more decadent, you could try a brownie and even infuse it with caramel for an added flavor. ​



All of these are moderate, friendly companions that go well together. They could hang out on a front porch (or veranda) together and no one would be talking over the other. 

​ Decaffeination at a Glance

The decaffeination process begins by soaking the green coffee beans picked from 100% arabica trees in water after they are harvested. Why? This helps soften the beans to make the caffeine more easily removable, while maintaining the delicious aroma, acidity, body and flavor of the coffee. Learn more about the decaffeination process and the methods behind creating a deliciously decaffeinated cup. ​



Discover more ways to pair your favorite Starbucks® coffees with food, or find the decaf coffee that's made to be yours with our new Coffee Quiz. ​



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