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Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrate


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You can now easily recycle Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrate at home. After consumption, the bottle and cap can be placed together in the recycling bin without any extra steps for many customers.

The entire Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrate bottle is now recyclable.

Recycling Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrate bottles at home now takes just one step. For most cold brew concentrate bottles, to recycle the bottles at home, consumers first have to cut off the nonrecyclable plastic sleeve. This can be a difficult task, resulting in a negative consumer experience. If the label is left attached to the bottle, it will contaminate the recycling stream or end up in the landfill.


The new bottle sleeve, which is available at stores near you carrying Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrate, is made of crystalized PET and is compatible with the bottle during recycling in certain recycling facilities. That means depending on your local recycling facilities, all you have to do once you finish your Cold Brew Concentrate is replace the cap and toss it in the recycling bin—no extra steps necessary. If you’re curious about what household items are recyclable, check the How2Recycle tile on the side of the package. ​


It’s just as easy to make a deliciously refreshing drink with Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrates. Just add equal parts concentrate and water to a glass of ice for a great-tasting cold brew, or use it in a café-inspired recipe like Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew or Creamy Salted Caramel Cold Brew.

How to Make Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrates How to Make Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrates


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