Once you’ve found your favorite bean — whether you prefer a lighter Starbucks® Blonde Roast or rich Sumatra — the key to maximizing the flavor potential is in the details. In the Starbucks® around the corner, at home or anywhere in between, brewing a great cup of coffee comes down to four fundamental elements: water, proportion, grind and freshness.

Get to Know the Four Fundamentals


If you start with funky water it’s no surprise the coffee will be too. Keep it fresh. Keep it filtered.

Get to Know the Four Fundamentals


Brewing coffee is not like throwing coins in a fountain. Wishes don’t come true from tossing random things in the pot. Keep to the ration and reap the rewards.

Get to Know the Four Fundamentals


Make sure your grind is on point for the type of brew you’re making. It really will affect the taste. The proper grind allows all of the flavors of the roast to end up in your cup, without any bitterness. So know your grind.

Get to Know the Four Fundamentals


Like a wise coffee connoisseur once said, “Airtight keeps it right.” So seal that bag with gusto and make sure to keep the beans away from heat and moisture. That means just saying no to the freezer. You’ll need to use it within a week of opening but your tastebuds will thank you.