K-Cup® Pods

With K-Cup® pods, you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks® coffee in less than a minute.

Starbucks® Pairings

Blonde Roasts

Mild & Nutty

A gentle and well-rounded Starbucks® Blonde Roast coffee with hints of nut and nice acidity.

Looking for something to spark your sense of adventure? Just answer a few, fun questions and we'll help you discover a roast we're sure you'll love.

Medium Roasts

Rich & Lively

Aroma, body and flavor all in balance – with tastes of nuts and cocoa brought out by the roast.

Dark Roasts

Earthy & Herbal

Full-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel and lingering herbal flavors.

Starbucks® Plus Coffee


Subtle with delicate nuances of soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts, plus 2X the caffeine*.
*Compared to one pod of Starbucks® K-Cup® black coffee.


Aroma, body & flavor all in balance—with tastes of nuts and cocoa brought out by the roast, and 2X the caffeine*.
*Compared to one pod of Starbucks® K-Cup® black coffee.


Well-balanced and rich with a dark cocoa texture and 2X the caffeine*. Try it with a piece of dark chocolate to bring out even more sweetness.
*Compared to one pod of Starbucks® K-Cup® black coffee.

Flavored Coffees

Smooth & Buttery

A smooth, medium-roasted coffee with buttery caramel flavor to satisfy sweet cravings.

Luscious & Chocolaty

A medium-roasted coffee with just the right chocolaty richness.

Velvety & Rich

A lighter-roasted coffee with rich, creamy vanilla flavor that's anything but plain.

Buttery & Nutty

Rich and smooth with the balanced flavors of toffee and roasted nuts.


Classic caramel taste

Creamy caramel flavor is complemented by a specially crafted coffee blend for a deliciously smooth latte in minutes.

Rich and chocolaty

Subtly sweet mocha meets the smooth taste of milk and coffee, specially crafted for K-Cup® pods.

Smooth and creamy

The sweet creaminess of dairy and vanilla flavor come to life with the help of our smooth, balanced Caffè Blend K-Cup® pods.

Hot Cocoa

Rich & Chocolaty

Smooth and chocolaty, each cup is inspired by signature Starbucks® handcrafted hot cocoa. Made with real cocoa and dairy for a velvety warm treat from your Keurig® brewer.