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Latte vs Flat White


Caffè Latte vs. Flat White

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The caffè latte and the flat white are two classic espresso beverages with a lot of deliciousness in common. Here, we'll explore the differences that make each unique, so you can craft the one that’s just right for you. ​

Let’s Start with the Latte

While beloved, espresso can also be intense tasting—especially for those who prefer things on the lighter side. To cater to this craving for a creamier, less concentrated cup, the caffè latte was born. Some reports detail its first appearance in 1860s Italy, while others claim it was 1950s California. Either way, this popular beverage is here to stay.


While delicious as is, lattes are also an exceptional blank canvas. They can be prepared hot or iced and are often found flavored with syrups and spices.


From classic vanilla and caramel to more recent trends like pistachioturmeric and pumpkin spice, lattes are always ready to make your own. 




The Finer Details
  • - An espresso shot in up to 16 oz of steamed milk, topped with foam

  • - Creamy with a light espresso taste​


  • - Often served in a tall mug
Now Onto the Flat White

The flat white’s origin story is even more uncertain than the latte’s, with both Australia and New Zealand claiming ownership over its 1980s-era invention. And while the recipe itself can vary depending on who’s crafting it, the idea is mostly the same: Steamed milk is poured over two shots of ristretto, which is a more concentrated, sweet-tasting espresso. While the amount of milk can vary, it should be distinctly less than a latte. The result is a smooth, cohesive consistency with a touch of microfoam on top, in contrast to the latte’s overt frothiness.


It's simple to make your own flat white at home. First, brew two ristretto shots in a Nespresso® machine, espresso machine or moka pot by using less water for the same amount of coffee. (Unsure which coffee to use? We suggest our classic Espresso Roast or smooth Starbucks® Blonde Espresso Roast.) Then, add steamed milk to your two shots. While whole milk creates the best frothy texture, feel free to use your favorite milk or non-dairy alternative.


Flat White


The Finer Details
  • - Two ristretto espresso shots finished with steamed milk​


  • - Smooth with a rich espresso taste​


  • - Often served in a tulip mug


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