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Iced Coffee


Cool Tips for Making Iced Coffee Your Own 

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Sauces and syrups make personalizing your iced coffee easy—and tasty. From the signature caramel lattice we use in our cafés, to the subtly sweet and smooth taste of vanilla syrup, there are so many ways to truly make an iced coffee yours with Starbucks.

Get a Little Saucy This Summer

Summer is coming, and iced coffee is about to make the comeback we've been waiting for.​

You know it and love it already—iced coffee is iconic. It flavors your summer every year. Now, it's time to personalize your favorite ice-cold Starbucks at home.​

We have a couple tips and tricks to help you discover new flavor experiences in iced coffees, and we've pulled some of our favorites together for you to experience at home. ​

Sourcing Your Sauces and Syrups

Some of the sauces and syrups we use can be made at home with simple recipes that only require a few ingredients. If making caramel sauce on the stove doesn't sound like something you're into, you can easily find all the sauces and syrups your heart desires.

Coffee Flavors

The easiest place to start is with the three basics: honey, caramel sauce and chocolate syrup. All three work beautifully on their own with any Starbucks® coffee, uplifting the flavor of a drink with a rich sweetness. Hazelnut syrup also pairs well with coffee. If you feel a little more adventurous, you can also try dessert-inspired syrup flavors like peppermint.

Iced Coffee

Start off by making sure the milk is frothy enough that it will support the lattice. If the froth is too thin, the syrup will sink through. 


We recommend using a squeeze bottle—or something that will allow you to control the stream and direction of the sauce while you’re pouring. Pouring directly from a jar or spoon will make it difficult to create a clean design.​

Find Your Groove

Once you start pouring, keep the pouring tip close to the foam so it only falls a short distance. By doing so, it's easier to keep the syrup on top of the froth. Starting on one side, move the tip back and forth, creating a zigzag pattern. Once you've reached the opposite side, turn the cup 90º and repeat the zigzag pattern.

Using Syrups

A little technique goes a long way.

The trick to getting the full richness and flavor of the syrups or sauces you use is making sure they’re properly combined with all other ingredients.  ​

With cold coffee, it’s particularly important to add the syrup at the right stage. Otherwise, it won’t dissolve properly. We recommend mixing the syrup into the coffee while it’s still warm and then cooling it down with ice or milk. ​

You can also add syrups into milk before frothing. And, of course, you can always top a drink with syrup—perhaps making a decorative lattice pattern.​

Remember, you can always add more so start off using less. It's about creating a glass that's to your personal taste. ​


Lattice for Beginners

Like we said earlier, a little bit of technique can make all the difference when making cold coffee. A caramel lattice sitting pretty on top of some dense froth adds delicate sweetness to your cup—and it looks great, too. ​

So, here’s how you make one.  

It Really Is That Easy

With a little bit of practice, your summer coffees are going to look and taste like a barista could have made them. With us by your side, it's easy to make this a Starbucks summer, right at home.


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