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Café Cubano​ Recipe

Preparation Time10–12 mins Difficulty LevelHard

Take your favorite mug on a trip with our Cuban coffee recipe. Cuban coffee is all about technique. While getting the sugar just right takes a little bit of skill, it’s more than worth it for this delicious take on espresso. The way you know you’ve made a great Cuban coffee is by your espumita (little foam), which is the layer of foam on top of each cup of espresso.


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Brewed Coffee


  • 4
    heaping tsp
    granulated sugar
  • Water


  • 6-cup moka pot or stovetop espresso maker
  • 12-oz metal creamer


Café Cubano​

  • 01

    Fill your moka pot with water until just up to the steam release valve.

  • 02

    Fill your moka pot funnel filter to the top with ground espresso, lightly press and level out.

  • 03

    Put the top chamber on the moka pot, ensure it's twisted on tight, and put the pot on a stovetop burner at medium-high heat.

  • 04

    While the coffee is heating, put 4 heaping tsp of sugar into a 12-oz metal creamer.

  • 05

    Wait for the first bit of coffee to percolate out, then take a tsp of coffee and pour it into your sugar.

  • 06

    Using the back of the same teaspoon, grind the coffee and sugar against the wall of the metal creamer for 60 seconds until consistent and paste-like.

  • 07

    Once all coffee is brewed, remove your moka pot from the burner. Pour the remainder of your coffee very slowly into the sugar paste.

  • 08

    Serve into espresso cups, ensuring a fine layer of foam.

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Café Cubano​ Recipe
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