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Starbucks® Café-Inspired Coffee and Creamer Pairings​ <p>Coffee and cream are the ultimate delicious duo. With so many café-inspired flavors to choose from, here’s a starting guide for some of the most-loved Starbucks<sup>®</sup> coffee and creamer pairings to create at home.</p> 5 mins
Coffee Creamers


The Starbucks® Coffee Roast Spectrum <p>There’s a vast and rewarding world of coffees out there to enjoy. The more you understand coffee roasting and the delicious nuances it uncovers, the easier it will be to explore outside your coffee comfort zone. Read on to learn about our roast spectrum, from our smooth, light-bodied Starbucks<sup>®</sup> Blonde Roast to our rich, bold Dark Roast—and everything in between.</p> 2 Minutes
Blonde, Medium, Dark Roasted Coffee Beans


Coffee Ice Cubes
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