Find Your Grind

Easiest way to make that OK cup, exceptional? Take a look at your grind. You'll be amazed at how much a consistent grind will affect the flavor of your cup. Not to mention how important the size of grind is for your desired brew method. What's the big deal with using burr over blade grinders? Let's take a look:

No. 1: The Grinder

Burr Grinders use two revolving abrasive surfaces or burrs to grind the beans, just a few at a time.

Blade grinders use a single centered blade to chop up beans progressively into smaller and smaller pieces.

No. 2: How It Works

Burr grinders take it slow(er), drawing the beans through the grinding mechanism a few at a time to deliver a uniform grind every time.

Blade grinders are aggressive little machines. They work at a high speed and have limited settings. Some may even overheat your beans, leaving unwanted flavors behind.

No. 3: End Result

Burr grinders offer far more control and a more uniformly consistent grind, enabling the water to evenly extract the flavor and create a noticeably better cup of coffee.

Blade grinders can be inconsistent and unpredictable, producing a varied grind.

With more control over the size and quality of the grind, you’re able to make adjustments depending on your brew method. Hence, why you’ll find a burr grinder in many coffee lovers’ homes, in each and every Starbucks® and most definitely in my kitchen.

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