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Flavored Coffee vs Coffee with  Flavor Notes

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Curious about the differences between flavored coffee and black coffee? You’re in good company. Let’s take a look at what makes each unique, from how they’re crafted to how they taste.

Starbucks Spring Day Blend Ground Coffee
Black Coffee

Starbucks®  black coffees are deliciously flavorful—without any added flavor. Our secret? It’s all in the beans.


As a part of our commitment to 100% ethical coffee sourcing in partnership with Conservation International, we start with high-quality 100% arabica beans from sustainable coffee farms.  



Next, we roast the beans to reach just the right flavor, body, aroma and acidity. As our lightest roast, Starbucks® Blonde has a light body and sweet, mellow flavors. Our medium-roasted coffees are smooth, rich and balanced, while our dark roasts feature a fuller body and bold, robust flavors.  



Finally, we thoughtfully blend beans to ensure each coffee features a delicious combination of flavor notes unique to Starbucks®.   


It’s this process, backed by 150 combined years of artistry and expertise, that allows us to create coffees like Spring Day Blend. Roasted to bring out notes of dusted cocoa and dried fruit, Spring Day Blend is naturally vibrant, fruity and chocolatey—no added flavoring necessary. 

Starbucks Honey & Madagascar Vanilla Flavored Ground Coffee
Flavored Coffee

Starbucks®  flavored coffees undergo the same process as black coffee, with one key difference:  Premium natural flavor is added to the beans after roasting. 


Just like our black coffees, we source high-quality 100% arabica beans from sustainable coffee farms. It’s all a part of our goal to reach 100% ethical coffee sourcing in partnership with Conservation International. 



We determine the perfect roast type for each flavored coffee to ensure the added flavoring complements its true coffee taste. 



From vanilla and chocolate to hazelnut and tiramisu, our flavored coffees stand out from the rest because they’re crafted without the use of artificial flavors. 



With added natural flavors of sweet honey and rich Madagascar vanilla, our Honey & Madagascar Vanilla Flavored Coffee is sweet, velvety and perfect for springtime.