Starbucks® Cocoa & Cacao Nib Cookies


Cocoa & Cacao Nib Cookies

Creamy and rich, featuring sweet cocoa to balance the intensity of bittersweet cacao nibs for delicate layers of cocoa upon cocoa.

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Starbucks® Pairing Cookies

When the flavor notes of Starbucks coffee meet our specially crafted cookies, you'll experience something extraordinary. Each pairing is an adventure in the world of taste—one that's unique for everyone.

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Cocoa & Cacao Nib Cookies Were Crafted To Pair With


The intensity and smokiness of our darkest roast is softened by the bold cocoa and cacao flavors of these rich cookies.


This spicy, lush Indonesian coffee features notes of cardamom and cinnamon that draw out the cocoa notes as well as the saltiness of the cookie.